Sunday, February 19, 2012

DIY Crochet Toilet Paper Cover

I don't remember the last time I bought a box of facial tissue (aka Kleenex). I decided somewhere along the line that I don't use enough of it to make it worth having the fancy boxes. Toilet paper is basically the same thing, just with smaller-size sheets.

Usually I get (at most) one cold per year, but it is usually gone in 2-3 days. This year I've been pretty healthy too, but for the past 10 days both of my kids have been running fevers, coughing, and having icky noses. About 4 days into their sicknesses, I got sick too, and I've gone through more TP with this illness than I've needed for nose blowing over several years put together.

You know you've been sick too long when your husband says he has an idea for a crochet project to make your toilet paper roll look less ugly.

And so, the DIY Crochet Toilet Paper Cover was born.

I chose to do mine with cotton yarn so that it could be washed and dried to kill any germs. I used two colors, but you could do as many or as few as you want. You need one button for this project, but on my first cover I used 4 buttons for decoration.

My toilet paper roll was about 4 inches tall x 4.5 inches wide. You may need to adjust this pattern slightly if your rolls are bigger or smaller.

DIY Crochet Toilet Paper Cover

Supplies needed:

2 balls cotton yarn, contasting colors (you will not need an entire ball for either color)
1 button (or more)
Needle and thread
Blunt yarn needle

1. With accent color - chain 55, sl st to form ring (ring should be barely bigger around than your TP roll)
2. Switch to main color - ch 2, hdc in same stitch as joining and in each stitch around (55), sl st to join here and in each round throughout
3. ch 2, hdc in same stitch as joining and in each around (55)
Repeat round 3, 10-11 times, or until cover measures betweem 4.5-4.75 inches from top to bottom
4. sc in each stitch around (55)
5. In back loop only - ch. 1, *sc in 3, dec2tog* around (44)
6. In back loop only - ch. 1, *sc in 2, dec2tog* around (33)
7. In back loop only - ch. 1, *sc in 3, dec2tog* around, sc in last 3, switching to accent color in last stitch (27)
8. With accent color. In back loop only, ch. 1, *sc in 1, dec2tog* around (18)
9. In back loop only - ch. 1, *sc in 1, dec2tog* (12)
10. sl st in each stitch around.

Fasten off, weave in ends.

Sew button near bottom of TP cover (as shown in picture). Put cover on your TP roll to make sure it fits correctly.

Bottom strip (to hold your TP roll in the holder)

1. With accent color - ch. 25
2. Turn, skip first 5, sc in next 19. 3 sc in last stitch. Working on other side of starting chain, sc in next 18, sl st in next. Fasten off.

Slip loop over button. Sew other side of bottom strip to TP holder directly opposite the button.

To get your toilet paper roll ready to use, simply pull the cardboard tube out of the roll.

Once you've removed the tube, the toilet paper will come out of the center of the roll. Then you slip your cover over the roll, and button the bottom strap to keep it inside. Pull the loose toilet paper through the hole in your cover. Ready! Now if you are sick, you can still be chic.

***This pattern is my own creation. You are welcome to use this for personal use, to make gifts for others, or for in-person craft markets/bazaars. Please do not sell items made from this pattern online, or through your own business (with the exception of craft bazaars).

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